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Camp Invention

Building the future, one dreamer at a time.

With the invaluable guidance of National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, Camp Invention has enriched the lives of nearly 2 million children. This one-of-a-kind, nationally recognized program introduces critical STEM concepts through hands-on, creative problem-solving activities that encourage children to explore, analyze and invent.

Camp Invention’s curricula are inspired by NIHF Inductees and taught by local certified educators. Students in grades one through six collaborate in real-world challenges intended to encourage curiosity, creativity and scientific thinking. Children develop questions, collect data, draw conclusions and apply new knowledge at the only summer camp supported by the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The critical thinking and communication skills that children gain through STEM enrichment at Camp Invention will serve them for a lifetime. These are the 21st-century skills that are essential for personal and professional success, now and in the future.

Recognizing that tomorrow’s inventions will arise from yesterday’s discoveries, National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees uphold Camp Invention’s mission to foster the curious spirit within the young inventors of our future and make an extraordinary impact on the course of progress.

Parents and educators are encouraged to learn more about how NIHF Inductees and Camp Invention can cultivate children’s innate curiosity and motivate them to follow their dreams.

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