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An experience built to honor, inspire and challenge.
The newly renovated National Inventors Hall of Fame is located on the United States Patent and Trademark Office campus in Alexandria, VA. Experience the gallery of icons illustrating each of the 500+ Inductees and their great technological achievements that helped stimulate growth for our nation and beyond. The National Inventors Hall of Fame inspires the next generation of innovators by connecting them through the story of invention. Families and groups can interact with and explore our kiosks and archives during their visit.
Our Beginning

Founded in 1973

The Hall of Fame was founded in 1973 by the National Council of Patent Law Associations, now the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Previously located in Akron, OH, the Hall of Fame was moved in 2008 to the campus of the USPTO in Alexandria, VA.

National Inventors Hall of Fame - Gallery of Icons

Inspiration for Generations.

The new Hall of Fame opened its doors on May 22, 2014, and each of our more than 500 Inductees is represented with the gallery of icons.  This grand display depicts each patent that launched an ambitious inventor to this pinnacle of achievement.  Interactive kiosks allow visitors to explore our unrivaled archives in depth.

Whether you’re uncovering inspiring facts about our Inductees or witnessing our education programs in action, a wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips.

Intellectual Property Power
Our Intellectual Property Power exhibit celebrates the story of intellectual property and illuminates its significance to progress, innovation, and culture.

This interactive experience features the following installations from the George Eastman Museum, Ford Motor Company, and Qualcomm to illustrate how trademarks and patented material make modern amenities possible.

Other Features

The Hall of Fame also Features:

  • The Hall of Fame store — offering unique items to supplement and commemorate your visit.
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